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Short  biography

After her studies at the art academies of Berlin and Leipzig ANTOINETTE became master pupil of Bernhard Heisig. Next to the optimization of her skills in painting she studied the techniques of stage design and  wall painting. Special attention of the public she got because of her portrait exhibition “Berliner Sittengemälde” in Berlin 2003, which was visited by more than 20.000 people. This project founded her international career and let her from the exhibition in Berlin to New York and Washington.
Signet Mythos Europa
A lot of national and international exhibitions followed and last but not least a one-­artist-­show at the ArtKarlsruhe 2012. Reports were published in art magazines like ArtProfil and ArtInvestor. The ArtInvestor put ANTOINETTE on the watch-­list of the most remarkable contemporary artists basing on the references of the well-­known art historian Prof. Galloway.

  • 2012 Art award of the German society for psychoanalysis
  • 2013 Final of the art award Phoenix
  • 2014 Grand series of landscape paintings in South Tyrol, Italy
  • 2015 On the track of Cézannes – ­From Aix-­en-­Provence to Eberswalde
  • 2014-2018 “European Women portrayed” – a project showing 100 important women in life size portraits
  • 2018-2021 Europe-­wide exhibition tour on the occasion of the jubilee of the women suffrage

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